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Millie Gibson is a vocalist, artist and performer who grew up on the east coast in Winchester, Virginia. Her love for the arts through dance and music has inspired her willingness to pursue a career in vocal performance at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN. Since moving to Minnesota and attending McNally Smith, Millie has had opportunities to perform with such artists like Vie Boheme, Toki Wright and other exceptional musicians within the local Twin Cities music scene. Millie also performed as part of a vocal ensemble in the Game of Thrones Concert Experience Tour at the Xcel Energy Center in March of 2017. Throughout the last few years, Millie has focused on bettering her craft as an artist through musicianship, performance, and songwriting. She is dedicated in developing her artistry as a whole and exceeds to represent herself to the world as an original artist through her music and visual content. Millie considers herself as a versatile performer who enjoys performing several different genres of music. Those genres include, Jazz, Musical Theatre, R&B/Soul, and Neo-Soul. During her studies at McNally Smith, Millie has since discovered a new found love for musical theatre through participating in several music theater showcases and school productions. Within the last year and a half, Millie has been collaborating with production engineers and musicians to write a small EP of her own original work. The EP Beat of My Own Drum will debut sometime in early summer of 2018 and will represent Millie’s journey throughout her life as a young artist and musician. Her story hopes touches on relatable experiences through others as a young woman, as well as her aspirations towards creating art through her craft.